Friday, 13 July 2012

Recent Purchase!

001.Blouse from Topshop. 002.Better view of the embroidery detail. 003.Topshop nailpolish in 'Art School' shade.

Absolutely love this blouse! I bought it along with a navy polka dot skirt which is really nice with it but i can literally see this top going with anything! I fancied this nail polish today as the weather was just STUNNING! I bought it around September time ironically enough. On the productivity front i've applied for the Visial Merchandiser post in a H&M store which is coming to where i live.. zero experience but at least i feel like i've tried! I've also started working on four templates for making detachable collars and have ordered some lovely conical studs and denim material from good old ebay so i'll have something nice to do next week, best get the duster out for my sewing machine!


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! I really like your white blouse and the nail polish! wish i had a top shop where i live!