Monday, 30 July 2012

DIY - Ombre from head to .. hand!

Dark - 'Spotted Pig' by Topshop
Medium - 'Big Smoke' by Topshop
Light - 'Threadbare' by Topshop

For someone with a degree in design, and is a dab hand with a pencil or a paintbrush, i am absolutely woeful at anything nail art related; even just painting them always ends up a mess, my friends don't hold back on telling me this either! So i am delighted to find a technique that retires the nail brush and requires a sponge! Ombre nails are so simple and easy to do. The best thing to use would be triangular makeup sponges, but if you cut a piece of a car sponge i'm sure it would do the same job. Pick three polishes that look like they would blend out well from darkest to lightest; take the sponge and paint a stripe of the darkest polish, then the medium and finally the lightest and press the sponge onto your nail (just so you know..this will literally clatter your fingers and thumbs as well!). I did a couple of coats and reapplied the polish to the sponge quite a few times as i went along. Once they are dry, get some nail polish remover and remove the excess polish that will undoubtedly be all over your fingers with a piece of cotton wool or an ear bud. And that's it!


  1. They look so pretty! I've been dying to try out ombre nails! Next time I'm going to give them a go! Thanks!

    My latest post xx

  2. Love it, i'll be trying this soon!

  3. Great post, easy to follow too :)
    your nails look so good! And I totally get the good at painting / bad at nails thing haha! x