Friday, 20 July 2012

Joliebox: July

Finally! I received my July Joliebox this morning and i'm pretty pleased with the contents; I think i would use almost all the products, and for the delivery mix up in June the July boxes are a little more filled out than usual. (Let's face it they had to do something!) I'm so tempted to subscribe to Glossybox, as well i just love the surprise element to them it's like getting a birthday present every month! (One that you pay for and subscribe to..) What put me off subscribing to Glossybox was that they used Collection 2000 in a recent box, not that there is anything wrong with Collection 2000 products it's just not a luxury brand so it defeats the purpose a bit?

001.Wen by Chaz Dean. Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - One way to win me over is with a hair conditioning product, to be honest there could have been nothing else but grass in this box and i'd of still been happy! It smells so yummy, i can't stop opening it! Also, almond based products are always promising; It's really good for hair and skin so i'm really excited to use this.

002. Etat Pur A22 Salicylic Acid 300 - I'm going to admit i had absolutely no idea what this was. Turns out it's a chemical based treatment for skin blemishes and acne. I'm lucky enough to avoid spots but i'm going to give it a whirl to see how it evens out my blemishes. It smells quite clinical and clean.

003. Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Anti-Wrinkle Tanning Cream - I've actually used this product before and i can safely say it is amazing. Literally cannot praise it enough, it goes onto the skin really smoothly and provides long-lasting hydration. I used this on holidays and was really surprised at the results, being usually quite sceptical of this kind of product that promises ridiculous things, but it does work! After a few hours in the sun you get the most even bronze hint. I just need to book a holiday now..

004. Jane Iredale Tantasia - I'm actually really intrigued by this product! I have such a love/hate thing going on with instant tans as they never go on right or always look really muddy, such a pet hate! I'd sooner walk around pale as a ghost than look caked in dirt. But on the other hand it's quick and easy. The only other build up tan like this one that i have tried is Boots and it's so sticky and has the strangest smell, i just branded all tinted moisturisers the same but this looks really promising. It's a creamy texture and just sinks into the skin, it also has a nice orange citrus scent! Looking forward to trying it out.

005. Gold and Bronze Nailpolish by Nailgirls - I've wanted to try this brand for ages! Nailgirls, if you don't know, are London's authority to nails and have been providing looks for London Fashion week for the last three seasons. They're products are also free of any harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals. I'm not sure i'd use the bronze colour if i'm honest, but i love the gold! If i hadn't done my nails last night i'd already have it on!


  1. I got the repair tanning cream last month and wasn't sure what to do with it, but after your review I shall use it in the sun this weekend - Thank you!! Am a new follower! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too. Xx

  2. Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog, I am so glad I found your blog it's lovely! I got the repair tanning cream in June's Joliebox and was unsure what to do with it so gave it to a friend lol!!

    Great review!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. It's a really good product, I used it on my face and it really did work wonders! Everyone's skin is different though, I tan quite easily after an initial burn, let me know how it goes anyway! xx

  3. Lovely review, I love seeing what people get in their Jolieboxes! Have just started following you :) x

  4. that's a nice box - the conditioner sounds amazing!!! I also want to try Etat pur soon. :)

  5. I really want to sign up to one of the beauty boxes, I can definitely understand the birthday present feeling ha ;) x

  6. They're so addictive, i'm going to sign up to Glossybox soon as well! x

  7. Great review and thanks for commenting on my blog. x

  8. I really want to sign up to joliebox! It seems to come with lovely things :)
    following your blog, maybe check out ours?