Monday, 16 July 2012

Web Picks 001.

001.Galaxy Print Leggings by Asos. 002.Knitted Tweedy Panel Jumper by Topshop. 003.Small Retro White Face Watch by Urban Outfitters. 004.Lips in 'Pillow Talk' by Topshop Makeup. 005.Edge Paint Satchel by Topshop. 006. Fabric Stud Collar by Topshop.


  1. I love the satchel! Your blog is really good :) I love your posts xx

  2. i love your blog! please can you add the button so i can follow you on blogger, i would love to follow you! :) xx

  3. Button added! I hadn't even realized (awful with HTML).. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for the feedback!