Monday, 23 July 2012

Web Picks 003. Festival Attire!

001. Nails in 'Ice Crush' - Topshop 002.Giant Silver Cross Earrings - Miss Selfridge 003.Alexy Platform Chelsea Boots - Topshop 004.Sparkle & Fade Smudge Jersey Maxi Skirt - Urban Outfitters 005. Acid Wash Backpack - Topshop 006. Macrame Top with Fringing - Zara

Seeing as it's summer time and ferstivals are in full swing i decided to do a Web Pics post on festival attire! I'm seriously considering going to Electric Picnic festival in September so it got me thinking about outfits.. I adore these Alexy boots by Topshop! They're kind of like an updated version of the Allegra boots (which i still prefer if i'm honest), pretty pricey but i think it's more than worth it for the amount of wear these would get all year round. 


  1. Oh wow that's a really great outfit honestly, i'd totally wear that! Your blog is also really cool.

    Please check out mine,

    I'm following yours now :) XX

  2. Literally love everything about this outfit you've put together, especially the boots and the bag! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, I am now your newest follower :) xx

  3. You have amazing taste hun! I'm loving your blog!:D Now following! x