Thursday, 19 July 2012

Week in Photos #2

001.Topshop Sale (I actually never like sale items/buy them and never wear them but i love this necklace and dress!) 002.Hangover breakfast 003.My textile art pieces 004.Tea and Company mag after dinner 005.My pink dip dye experiment! 006.Bodyshop Strawberry lotion - smelling like a dream. 007.Me and Sharon at Cuckoo 008.Making myself at home with a beer on Brona's bed 009.I love getting mail 010. A DIY studded collar i made from scratch! So pleased 011.Costa Coffee 012. Ear cuff from Topshop (my friends all absolutely hate this!)


  1. Love these pics! crosses and spikes! my favourite x

  2. Hey Lauren! Thanks for your lovely comment about my pink tips :) I had chalk everywhere as well haha. And thanks so much for referring me to your blog - it's absolutely fantastic! I love it :)

    Your newest fan,

    Erin x