Sunday, 5 August 2012

YonKa Paris: Normal to Oily Skin Travel Kit

001. Lotion Traitante 002. Pamplemousse Cream 003. Gel Nettoyant 

I was sent a lovely travel kit of products by YonKa Paris, courtesy of Joliebox and a competition i don't remember entering.. always a nice surprise! I was really excited to try these out as i missed out on the June Joliebox, and the fact that the cream is called Pamplemousse (a hilarious French word for grapefruit as it happens). 

001. The Lotion Traitante, a toner which you spray out to reveal an oil based liquid, was probably my favourite item, as it left my skin visibly vitalized with a hint of shine. Having both oily and dry sections on my face, i've noticed it's been really good for evening that out and creating more of a balance, essentially doing what it's supposed to! I really liked the texture of the product too, it was easily spread with a small amount and felt hydrating and refreshing. This product is something i'd consider purchasing!

002. The Pamplemousse is described as a 'protective and vitalizing cream with botanical and essential oils', and has a smooth creamy consistency which soaks in and dries quite quickly, leaving hydrated and soft skin. I really love the effects of this product as i can definitely feel a difference in the smoothness of my skin, however i'm really not sure about the grapefruit scent. I've got more of an appreciation for sweet, rosy kinds of smells and this is very zesty and a little overpowering during application. Of course you do stop noticing it after a few moments so it's not a major deal, but it's this reason alone i wouldn't purchase this product after sampling; It's quite pricey so i'd want to at least like the smell! This is something that is down to complete personal taste so i wouldn't let this sway you against it, it is a lovely product i just wish it had a softer smell.

003. The Gel Netoyant is the strangest texture of skin cleansing product i've probably ever come across.. It's a cleansing gel which also acts as an eye makeup remover, although i would really advise against using it for this purpose if you have really sensitive eyes like me, mine were a little bit irritated after use (but i should really stress how sensitive my eyes are.. air conditioners or slight breeze of wind and there are physical tears streaming down my face it's quite embarrassing!) For use as a general facial cleanser it was quite nice, a bit like the 'lotion' spray in the way it spread easily, felt refreshing and hydrating and dried quite quickly. While it is a really nice product to use i don't think i'd buy this, it's very pricey and it doesn't really do anything that a cheaper cleanser wouldn't do.

Hopefully this has come across as a positive review for the most part, i've had a lovely first experience with YonKa products and will be using these until they're well and truly finished! I would definitely recommend the brand to someone looking for high end skin care products. A big thanks to Joliebox and YonKa for sending these to me!


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