Wednesday, 31 October 2012

All The Stories That We Could Have Told

Berry Coloured Knitted Hat - Ebay (Cut off the pom pom!)
Burgundy Speckle Jersey Dress - Topshop
Camo Jacket - Ebay 
Fur Collar - Primark 

I threw this outfit together yesterday just to run a few quick errands in town; picking up a lovely midi length polkadot dress from Topshop i'd left over, and collecting my Halloween ticket to a rave in the basement of one of the cities oldest buildings - spooky no?! Pretty excited about it, i was going to go as a mouse but i'm thinking reduce, reuse, recycle and will probably take the easy route and go with the outfit i wore on Saturday night (see previous post!). I love these jersey dresses from Topshop, at £26 for such an easily worn day-to-day piece i just couldn't resist, despite already owning the grey version! Today i think i'm just going to chill with some scrubs/masks/lotions/potions and condition my hair, i've been gradually lightening it so it's been taking some abuse lately! Also, would love to see some Halloween posts if anyone feels like linking me up!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


So i've had a bit of a month off on the blog front! I thought i'd get back into it with a quick Halloween 'outfit post'. Last night i went out to a Halloween rave with some pals and after much fussing around i decided to go as a dead/zombie bride? I initially was supposed to be Lana Del Rey, hence the DIY floral head piece.. then i changed my mind and wanted to be a unicorn, hence the pink wig, but in the end i wasn't bothered and just picked up this dress for £12 and completely butchered it! My makeup was pretty safe, i used greys and pinks on my eyes and contoured my face with grey eye shadow to look a bit more.. well, dead! The pink wig is from Amazon, i think it cost just over £30 but it's amazing! It looks so real and i was getting compliments on it all night to the point i'd consider dying my hair this colour! Also, i picked the foam roses up in a wedding store on ebay for under £5 to make my head piece, which is actually amazing value considering if you try to buy these they cost four times that. 

Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink (& New Ombre Hair!)

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink 180

This is my favourite lipstick, of all time, ever, from any range, and from any brand! I think of all the shades and colours i wear and try out this the  one that remains a constant in my makeup bag. I tried it out after seeing it on a friend around 3 years ago and i've been buying it ever since. It is really aptly named within the 'Moisture Renew' collection as it literally stays on for hours, keeping its hydrating effect and moisture for much longer than any other lipstick i've tried. What i also love about it is that despite it's hydrating qualities it looks completely matte in colour. It's such a wearable shade, suitable for being out and about during the day while also assisting a classic and understated look during a night out, i would really recommend it for anyone as it's not too dark or light, and has both pink and purple tones combined! 

I also re-did my ombre hair which i'm pretty happy with. I've been gradually lightening it for 2 years kind of subconsciously! If you've been reading my blog for a while you may have picked up on the fact that i am absolutely petrified of hairdressers and haven't had my hair professionally done in an embarrassing length of time;. I keep deciding it desperately needs a cut but i always find a way to distract myself from making an appointment! I've honestly never left a hairdressers happy and i find i know my hair really well now anyway so i'm quite content to get my supplies from sally's and do it myself!