Saturday, 24 November 2012

Barry M Rose Quartz & Blue Moon (Review and Swatch)

Barry M Blue Moon £2.99
Barry M Rose Quartz £2.99

Barry M has been one of my favorite nail polish brands since i was around 15, alongside my recent love of Models Own. I just think the shades are completely spot on and are always really fresh and current. This Rose Quartz is particularly stunning! It's like champagne in a nail polish. There are larger glitter particles in a rose champagne pink shade which overlay a sea of little minuscule particles which look amazing when the light catches. At £2.99 these Barry M shades are contageous, and incredibly good value.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC25 (Review & Photo)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC25

I have been using Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation now for the past 3 or so years while trying out the odd foundation here and there which never quite stuck.. and while it is an absolutely impeccable product i just fancied a change. So i purchased the MAC Studio Fix Fluid n NC25 to give it a whirl. The first day i used this, i won't lie was at 6.30am, and i absolutely hated it. I just felt so washed out and oily looking and the coverage was seriously poor. But given the lack of sleep i had the night before and being up from 6am i thought it deserved the benefit of the doubt, so upon a further few days of applying it i feel like i have a better understanding of this product. Some of the MAC foundations (this one in particular) get bad press in the blogging community and it really put me off even attempting any of them, and also made me really sceptical of this product, in a way i was expecting it to be awful before actually giving it a chance. With this foundation you need to use quite sparingly and build it up as you go, applying in a circular motion with a good foundation brush (Real Techniques are outstanding - as if you hadn't heard of them!). It takes a little extra attention than what i was used to with my Doublewear, after three years you get into a way of firing it on your face in a matter of minutes when you have somewhere to be, but with the extra care in applying the Studio Fix comes great coverage, an even tone and complexion, and a luminescent quality as if it has a bult in highlighter. Everyone is obviously different, but i find a slight oiliness to my skin when i apply this, so i dust a very little amount of powder on top.. literally a skim! I've been using a Topshop powder and a Maybelline Fit Me (220 Natural Beige). I've actually done a complete U-turn from initially trying this product out, and wound up putting it (almost) up there with my Doublewear! 

I would actually love to know how everyone else found MAC's Studio Fix Fluid so if you have tried it let me know!


Grey Herringbone Boyfriend Coat - River Island
Grey Roll Sleave Tshirt - Topshop
Lace Crop Top - Topshop (worn underneath)
Black Skinny Trousers - River Island 
Gold Chain - Ebay
Belt - Asos
Bowler Hat - Topshop

You may or may not have seen my Winter Wants post from a few days ago, i ended caving and buying the black skinny jeans and grey boyfriend coat. I absolutely love the trousers, which is strangely bizarre for me as i never really wear them, in fact i actually only own three pairs and i can't remember the last time any of them seen the light of day! What's great about River Island trousers is you can chose your size but also chose Short Medium or Long in leg length to correlate for the perfect fit. The coat i'm less enthusiastic about, it's so gorgeous and snug, but it's so long for my 5''3 body! It really does dwarf me so i have to wear high heels with it which is less than i ideal for someone who only really wears them on nights out.   Today i'm going into town for a bit of retail therapy even though i really shouldn't.. It just has to be done sometimes! 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Makeup of the Day

  Benefit 'That Gal' Primer// Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer in Light Medium//Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 in 'Tawny'//Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil in 'Love is Blonde'//Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara //MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Eyeshadow Palette//Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen// Ebay False Lashes (like 40 pairs for 99p!)

 Benefit High Beam Highlighter//Soap and Glory 'Love at First Blush' Blusher

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Vintage Pink'//Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in #113 

Sometimes i like to mix lipsticks to get different shades, i'm not sure if this is a commonly done thing or if i'm a complete oddball here but i find the Kate Moss #113 (a really nude and pigmented shade) is just amazing for making other shades lighter and chalkier when you want to tone down something a bit too daring for daytime. I'm lightening my hair at the moment pretty gradually, and have started to find my makeup just ever so slightly the wrong kind of tone for my face now so i've purchased a couple of other foundations (MAC and Laura Mercier) which i really can't wait to try out!
Also, i've been out of action most of this week as i misplaced my camera charger for the last week, i literally gutted my room looking for it and eventually found it today under my bowler hat, i seriously need to organize my things! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Web Picks 006. Winter Wants!

one. watch by Daniel Wellington
two. grey herringbone boyfriend coat by River Island
three. black stud heel wedges on Ebay
four. black trousers by River Island
five. knitwear by Zara
six. fur collar by Zara
seven. makeup on Cara Delevigne 

I am counting the hours until my pay comes in so i can go on a massive winter wardrobe spree! I'm (blatantly) thinking loads of greys and blacks, warm wooly textures, leather, and everyones winter weather staple.. fur! I am also completely in love with this Daniel Wellington watch after seeing it on Lydia's (Fashion In Flux) instagram, i couldn't resist asking where she got it and when i seen the price tag i had to back away from my debit card! I love it so much that i know i'm going to wind up buying it anyway, i'm just putting off the inevitable really.. unless i find a nice sneaky dupe someplace else. I'm also pretty sure i'm going to buy this gorgeous coat from River Island. They have really surprised me this season, i've literally disliked the brand since i can remember in complete favour of Topshop and Urban Outfitters, but have found myself constantly finding gorgeous items on the RI rails! 

As far as winter makeup goes i'm thinking heavy on the eyes and minimal colours on the lips, to be honest i just want to take everything Caras face and slap it on my own! I'm going to purchase some light matte lipsticks, purely because i'm so fed up of looking at myself with dark lipstick on, it's become a permanent feature on my face and i miss my nudes and pastel pinks! I have also decided to bite the bullet and stray away from my beloved Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation and have purchased some Studio Fix by MAC and Silk Creme by Laura Mercier so i'll have to give them a whirl and report back! 

Also, i've been putting loads of things on Ebay recently, if anyone wants to have a look. I sold a lot of stuff last week and didn't even think to post a link here. Will hopefully be adding some more tomorrow if i can get a minute! (Click here for my Ebay items)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Soap & Glory: Love at First Blush (Review and Swatch)

Soap & Glory: 'Love at First Blush' Blusher in 'Pink, Pop and Pearl' £11

I am a self-confessed Soap & Glory addict these days, i literally cannot get enough of their products and am blaming their amazing branding for all the free space i find in my purse every time i leave Boots. There is currently one blusher, it's called 'Pink, Pop and Pearl'; I'm not sure if there are plans to release any more versions but i'd gladly try them out if any more do appear on the shelves! 

What does it do?
Love at First Blush to me is not just a blusher but more of a blush and highlighter two in one combo. The pearly pink shades are loaded with iridescence and shimmer, and the white acts perfectly as a highlighter for your cheek or brow bones. You can decide which tones you want to use and swirl a brush over them, or use it all together for frosted pink shimmering cheeks.

Would i recommend this?
In a word, YES!  If you like your blushers pink, subtle, pretty and pearly this is just the perfect product. I think £11 is unbelievable value for a product matching the pretty colour and quality of Benefit's 'Hervana' blush, and is definitely worth the price tag especially considering it's multi-purpose use. The three colours (which are repeated twice) make it the perfect blush for contouring and highlighting your cheek; I tend you use the two dark colours in a sweep from my cheek bone towards the corners of my lips, and apply the two lighter colours across my cheekbones for iridescence and definition. Something else i feel i should note is how sturdy and secure the packaging is, i've only owned this around two weeks and i've dropped it countless times.. everytime i've expected to open it to a mess of powder crumbling out on me but it's all remained perfectly intact! Soap & Glory, you have yet to disappoint! 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Killing Time

Faux Leather Jacket - Primark (old)
Fur Collar - Primark 
Midi Polka Dot Dress - Topshop
Crystal Necklace - Topshop
Burgundy Wedges - Primark
Black Frilly Socks - Topshop
Black Leather Bag - Topshop

I wasn't too sure about this dress to begin with, i think my mum is probably behind my lack of faith in it after she called me 'grown up' looking when i tried it on, and i started to think that maybe it was a bit mumsy looking! After getting it home and styling it up with my burgundy wedges and this leather jacket my faith was restored and i really like it. It's fab for pulling on for a night out at this time of year, where you don't want to freeze to death on a night out but don't like the idea of tights either (don't get me wrong i'm a major tights fan, i just think sometimes they can really dress down a nice outfit). Also was really surprised to spy this crystal necklace with a £3.50 sale sticker on it! I absolutely love it! 

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week in Photos #9

This past couple of weeks has been a little hectic though i've been loving every minute of it! I usually can't stand Halloween; the hassle of getting a costume sorted, going out and having to cue/pay a fortune to get in anywhere and not be able to get a taxi home for hours! But this year i totally embraced it, spent £30 on a wig and got out the old trusty sewing machine which i've been neglecting, and went out dressed up twice! This is pretty big for me considering i usually have to drag myself out for the one night to celebrate it! I had an absolute ball, went to two raves and almost emptied my bank account. All in the spirit of the festivities. I hope everyone else had as much fun! The rest of the week i just spent soaking my face in scrubs and going to the cinema/dining with friends. I ended up having to go to see Sinister twice as we didn't get there in time for Paranormal Activity 4.. I sound like a major horror film fan but i'm not in the slightest and actually spent both times hiding behind my scarf! 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Argan Oil Hair Treatment £12.99

What does it do?
The treatment promises four main results; to nourish dry damaged hair, repair and rejuvenate, smooth and eliminate frizz, and to give protection and shine. If i'm honest I picked this hair treatment oil up in Boots when i couldn't find any V05 Elixir Oil,  but it actually proved almost every bit as impressive! The oil is applied to towel dried hair before blow drying, and although the bottle instructs that you should pump out 4 to 5 pumps on long hair, i'd definitely advise being much less generous. The first time i used this my ended up quite greasy to touch immediately after drying, as if it hadn't been washed at all, and i'm putting it down to a few pumps too many. So i use this pretty sparingly now and only apply around 3/4 pumps of the treatment, and i try to keep it away from the roots and more to the ends as that's my problem area. 

Does it work?
My hair is very dry, i've been having it dyed since i was around 13 or 14 so i only have myself to blame, but i condition it every time i wash it and am forever buying products to improve the condition that dying and heat has left it in. This product definitely delivers in terms of nourishing, providing shine and protection against straightening and blow drying, and smooths out frizziness. The effects of the oil are very visible, leaving hair shinier and smoother, and smelling amazing. What i'm not sold on is it's promise to repair damaged hair; the fact is, if your hair is damaged and has split ends, there really isn't any product that's going to fix that outside of a miracle, or getting your hair cut! 

Would i recommend this?
If you're looking for an oil based hair treatment to smooth out frizz, and give moisture to dry or damaged hair, then chances are you're going to really  like this product. I would advise less pumps that the packaging instructs, and keep it to the ends of your hair for best results. I personally love hair oils and think they have much more obvious and visible results than usual in-shower conditioning treatments. However there are more cheaper alternative hair oils out there by the likes of L'oreal.. it all depends which one is best for your own hair! I'm going to try a few more and see which one works best for me.