Friday, 2 November 2012

Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Argan Oil Hair Treatment £12.99

What does it do?
The treatment promises four main results; to nourish dry damaged hair, repair and rejuvenate, smooth and eliminate frizz, and to give protection and shine. If i'm honest I picked this hair treatment oil up in Boots when i couldn't find any V05 Elixir Oil,  but it actually proved almost every bit as impressive! The oil is applied to towel dried hair before blow drying, and although the bottle instructs that you should pump out 4 to 5 pumps on long hair, i'd definitely advise being much less generous. The first time i used this my ended up quite greasy to touch immediately after drying, as if it hadn't been washed at all, and i'm putting it down to a few pumps too many. So i use this pretty sparingly now and only apply around 3/4 pumps of the treatment, and i try to keep it away from the roots and more to the ends as that's my problem area. 

Does it work?
My hair is very dry, i've been having it dyed since i was around 13 or 14 so i only have myself to blame, but i condition it every time i wash it and am forever buying products to improve the condition that dying and heat has left it in. This product definitely delivers in terms of nourishing, providing shine and protection against straightening and blow drying, and smooths out frizziness. The effects of the oil are very visible, leaving hair shinier and smoother, and smelling amazing. What i'm not sold on is it's promise to repair damaged hair; the fact is, if your hair is damaged and has split ends, there really isn't any product that's going to fix that outside of a miracle, or getting your hair cut! 

Would i recommend this?
If you're looking for an oil based hair treatment to smooth out frizz, and give moisture to dry or damaged hair, then chances are you're going to really  like this product. I would advise less pumps that the packaging instructs, and keep it to the ends of your hair for best results. I personally love hair oils and think they have much more obvious and visible results than usual in-shower conditioning treatments. However there are more cheaper alternative hair oils out there by the likes of L'oreal.. it all depends which one is best for your own hair! I'm going to try a few more and see which one works best for me.


  1. I was just looking online for a good hair oil treatment so thanks for the review :) Its seems nothing is as good as the Moroccan oil though so maybe i should just invest in that!

  2. i tried argon oil on my hair and it made it so knotty, wished i worked for me :( x

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  3. My hair is so damaged at the minute I think I may have to give something like this a try :) great post lovely xx

  4. you have a really darling blog here, my dear. i really like the way you edit your photos with the text and dotted lines. really cute. this product looks really interesting by the way. i might just have to try it. i do not get super frizzy hair, but it does get dry in the winter and staticy. maybe this would help! thanks for the tip and review!

  5. this looks great i have loads of argan oil treatments!:)

  6. I've seen this for a while and couldn't decide about getting it so opted for the v05 at the time, may give this a try though because my hair is damaged from the amount of colouring its gone through and hopefully with tame the frizz :)


  7. oh i would love to try argan oil.

  8. This is my staple hair oil. I adore it I have to use so many pumps as my hair is super super thick. I love using it as a hair mask for about an hour before washing it.



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  9. I have this but find it doesn't really work that well on my dead (RIP) hair!


  10. this sounds lovely ! and as you said sometimes damaged hair is just unreparable ! xx

  11. can I suggest trying Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Argan Fresh Coconut TLC. It's an intensive hair treatment that combines the benefits of coconut and argan to make the perfect hair treatment for all types of hair.

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