Saturday, 8 December 2012

November Favourites

L'OREAL PARIS TRIPLE ACTIVE RE-NOURISH VELVETY TONER - I simply can't rave about this product enough. A thick liquid-based toner that illuminates and nourishes your skin. I apply this in the morning and after taking my makeup off in the evening with a makeup wipe, followed by a cleanser, and then this; pouring some onto a cotton wool ball and rubbing it around my face in circular motion. The liquid is quite cooling and soothing, and feels silky and light on the skin. It's seriously amazing how much makeup wipes and cleansers can actually leave behind! After use my skin looks immediately better, toned and completely lacking any red patches that makeup removing can sometimes inflict. I actually feel really comfortable without makeup on when I've applied this, and that's saying something as usually i wouldn't be seen dead without my foundation and eyeliner flicks! 

SOAP & GLORY THE GREATEST SCRUB OF ALL FACIAL EXFOLIATOR  -Yes, yet another Soap & Glory product for me to shower in compliments, they're branding is just so fun and full of personality it's hard to resist picking something or other up in Boots. I really love this facial scrub, the little 'smooth boost' beads that pop when you massage it into your skin make it feel like it's actually exfoliating and deep cleansing, and after use my skin feels soft, renewed and dead-cell free! I use this around twice or three times a week when my skin starts to feel a little congested around the nose and chin area, and the appearance of pores is definitely reduced after pro-longed use. 

THE BODY SHOP STRAWBERRY PUREE BODY LOTION - The scent of this product is just absolutely divine! I use this every day after showering and it's just so yummy, if only it were actually edible. It's such a sweet but strong smelling body lotion, when i use this everyone can smell it the whole way around the house, part body lotion part air freshener! The creamy smooth lotion sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving it moisturized and glowing and smelling like a dream. What more could you want from a body lotion really? 

WEN BY CHAZ DEAN FIG CLEANSING CONDITIONER* - Wen were lovely enough to send me out a sample of this fig scented cleansing conditioner for my hair, all 480mls of it, which was so generous. I'm constantly on a never-ending hunt for conditioners and general amazing hair products as i've been quite unkind to my hair over the years, from DIY dye jobs in my early teens and bleaching my way through my later teens! I can honestly say this product is one of the best conditioners i've ever tried. It comes with a separate pump and very clear instructions. I followed these by the book and the results absolutely amazed me; salon washed hair at last! The one thing about this product i don't like is the fig scent, it's just not to my sweet-smelling taste at all, it's a mixture of mint and a wood kind of smell.. I honestly can't describe it any better. I can deal with the scent for the soft flowing salon-professional locks it leaves me with though! 

MAYBELLINE FIT ME COMPACT PRESSED POWEDER IN NATURAL BEIGE - I'm really not a big powder user, I often find it can look quite cakey and find it a bit unnecessary on the full coverage high end foundations i use, but i recently purchased Mac Studio Fix which left my skin a little more dewy and oily than i'd like so i picked this up from Boots to give it a whirl. It comes with a little applicator sponge but i prefer to use a powder brush, and the results are pretty impressive for a drug store buy. The powder looks natural and gives a matte look without looking too caked or over powdered, perfect for a natural daytime look! There are a few different shades for olive toned skin and pink toned skin so i'm sure anyone can find a shade that suits them.

SOAP & GLORY SOLAR POWER THE GREATEST GLOW ON EARTH - Soap & Glory fangirl, this is truly getting embarrassing. I really love this bronzer, there is a darker shade on the left and a lighter shade on the right, so depending on where i am going or what time of the day it is i can decide how bronzed i want to go. This is an amazing product for contouring your face, brushing the darker powder under cheek bones for definition and the lighter tones around the forehead and jaw. Just a really handy daytime to nighttime product which looks good without breaking the bank! 


  1. Wow those soap and glory products sound fab :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I definitely need to add another Soap & Glory product I need to add to my wishlist! The exfoliator sounds great! I've also being loving Maybelline's Fitme powder as well :) x

  3. I love anything from the Body Shop, Great picks!

  4. That toner sounds like the beauty product that I have been forever searching for but didn't even know existed. I wouldn't mind walking round without make up on if it wasn't for the redness that make up wipes leave so this sounds perfect xx

  5. I love the sound of the L'Oreal cleanser and the Body Shop strawberry body lotion :)
    Don't worry we all love a bit of S&G!