Monday, 8 April 2013

Polkadots & Posies

Handmade 'Polkadots & Posies' Bunting 

Something I've been dabbling in for the last couple of years is making handmade bunting when it's a friends birthday, or in this case engagement and new house (you know your 900 years old when your friends are getting married and taking out mortgages!) I have a HND and a degree in Textile and Fashion Design and I think it's about time i put it to some use. I've been thinking about setting up an online store to sell textile-based handmade gifts for a while now, i'm pretty experienced and confident making cushions and bunting, and i actually really enjoy making them so i'm not sure why i haven't set something up already! I suppose I'm a bit concerned about whether it will generate any interest or not..  But if you don't try and all that! It would be lovely to hear some feedback :) And if anyone can recommend a website to set up an online shop, i'd appreciate it! Big Cartel seems like a pretty popular option? 

Thanks for reading!